As the conference focuses on preparing Africa for the 4th Industrial Revolution, we will also run the Africa 4.0 Tech Expo which will showcase these 4IR technologies and innovations from around the globe.

The Africa 4.0 Tech Expo will host an experiential virtual tour and practical demonstrations of 4IR technologies under one roof.

The Dome will be the centerpiece of the Tech Expo where visitors will experience IoT functioning within a smart home, the speed of 5G connectivity, the impact of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives, how drones and robotics are changing the fields of agriculture and manufacturing, how augmented reality and
virtual reality are changing healthcare, and the utility of autonomous vehicles in our lives, and much more.

We welcome you to join us, as various industry and policy leaders globally converge at the Serena Hotel in Kampala for three days to showcase the everyday use of 4IR in what will be one of the largest tech expos in Africa.

Prices and Benefits for Exhibitors

Aerial layout of the exhibition area. Click to expand.
Visual representation of 9x3 exhibition booth

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