Pitch Competition

The world’s operating system is being rewritten – we are at the onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are becoming increasingly interconnected and evolving at an exponential pace thanks to the internet and the emergence of disruptive next generation technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Drones, Robotics and 3D Printing. Flows of people, capital, information, and commerce now determine who is winning!

McKinsey estimates that an additional $300 billion can be supplemented to the continent’s GDP by 2025, if industry and governments can fully leverage the power of the internet. The trend of disruption is redefining the status quo as customers and business are making better informed decisions, and empowering those at the bottom of the societal pyramid to actively contribute to their respective economies.


The Blockchain Association of Uganda and Crypto Savannah, in partnership with The Innovation Village are seeking for innovators with a passion for developing sustainable digital solutions leveraging technologies in Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Robotics and Drones to solve pressing challenges across their communities and priority sectors such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Education and Finance.

The 2019 conference and tech expo will gather 3,000 participants comprising industry and policy leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, youth and academia.


Infosession and open call for applications

Monday 10th June 2019


Shortlisting eligible candidates

Ends: Monday 24th June 2019


Shortlisted teams attend 2-day course

27th – 28th June 2019


Finalists present to a panel of judges

Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Why you should participate

  • The finalists will have the opportunity to do a crash course on business modelling and soft skills for business with The Innovation Village.
  • Receive seed funding to support them in further developing their solutions
  • Receive international visibility including connection to potential VCs from Silicon Valley

How to participate

Please submit your application and upload your presentation slides including your business model (max 10 slides) before 5:00pm EAT on Monday 24th June 2019.


Relevance and Impact

  • How well does the solution address the community or sectoral challenge?
  • Solution shows a good understanding of market and target customer
  • Potential impact of the solution to scale


  • The solution should be practical and easily implementable

Readiness and traction

The solution: Participating team should share a visual representation or mock up designs of their proposed solution

The startup: Should be a registered business in operation for at least 1 year.

Team composition: This team should consist of at least 4 members with various skill sets, demonstrate added value and cohesiveness.

Business model: The startup should have a good idea of the business model envisaged for the solution by demonstrating the key resources needed to grow the solution, and how they intend to monetise it.  


  • Ingenuity of the solution or improvement of existing technology-based process
  • Solution uniqueness


Cryto Savannah is a technology company at the forefront of the blockchain and innovation ecosystem in Africa. Since 2017, the team at CryptoSavannah have been developing blockchain solutions, advising governments and the private sector, and attracting blockchain and crypto companies from around the world to invest in Africa. The CryptoSavannah team also led in organizing Africa’s largest blockchain conference in May 2018, and are committed to making Africa a destination for blockchain talent, innovation and investment.

Innovation Village

The Innovation Village is an ecosystem builder at the heart of an interconnected network of entrepreneurs, academia, the private sector, government, investors, believers and doers deepening the application of technology in powering social economic prosperity. We promote an innovation culture that embraces experimentation, constantly evaluates and recognizes failure as something to be learned from. Our participatory environment invites partners to join in collective problem identification and solving thereby increasing the feasibility of solutions to the local community. See our impact report here.

Pitch Competition Winners 2018
Winners from the Africa Blockchain Conference Pitch Competition in 2018